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Real Football 2013 Review: Android & iPhone

real football 2013

There hasn’t been a version since 2013 of Game Loft’s popular Real Football series, I’ve no idea why because their 2012 version was spot on and with 2013 turning freemium it was time for a new version to be introduced into 2014 or this year with a more balance in app purchase model or a completely paid for game.

So I thought I’d take a look back at 2013’s game as it’s just as playable now as it was 2 years ago when it was released although the more discerning football gamer may have a few problems with it such as myself.

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Goal United Review – A Slick, Browser-Based Football Management Game

goal united

Depth in a Shallow World

Out of all the sports in the world, I would probably class football as one of the most fickle that one can become interested in. Players are hired and dropped at the drop of a hat and even the most loyal of football fans can be massively annoyed with their team one week and in love with them the next. I equate being a fan of a particular football team with being in a bad relationship where the football fan is most definitely the wife because no matter how badly his football club treats him (losing matches, not hiring the right players, raising season ticket prices from extortionate to unreasonable levels; why Leeds Football Club, why!? ), he constantly says he loves his club anyway, indicating a misplaced devotion and unwillingness to accept the fact that football is a shallow as a puddle on flat ground in the height of summer. It came as a great surprise to me then that upon satisfying my curiosity about browser-based football management game Goal United, I was met not with the shallow experience I was expecting but by some addictive management action with serious quantities of content that can keep you entertained almost indefinitely.
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Downhill Snowboard Review

downhill snowboard

Snowboarding games haven’t truly been fashionable for many years, and it is questionable whether they really took off in the first place. While these sorts of games may have been popular with snowboarders themselves, they didn’t really penetrate the market and indeed the lives of many young individuals in the way that other board-sports games like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skateboarding did. Nevertheless, the snowboarding “profession” has long since penetrated the flash game market and there are quite a few titles that provide some flash-based, snow-draped fun. Combining the balancing concerns of a physics-based game with the skills and manoeuvres of classic snowboarding title, Downhill Snowboard is a challenging little number with many peaks to conquer and many 360 flips to be performed.

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Volley Challenge 2009/10 Review

volley challenge

Some people just aren’t cut out for the traditional football game, perhaps due to the long and arduous process of playing through 90 minutes of match play, or even because of the pressures of playing career simulators and following a player through his life as a professional footballer.

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Free Kick Fusion – Get Your Shooting Boots On!

free kick fusion

Freekick Fusion is a single or multiplayer free kick game that can be played in your browser. To play the football game you simply click and hold down the left mouse for direction and power.

To curl the ball you move the mouse left/right – this is useful for getting around the wall of players in front of you. Especially as you advance and the angles for scoring prove tighter due to the wall position.

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