Soccer Superstars 2012 Review – Football Management and Impressive Match-Play Rolled into One

soccer superstars If you're tired of the limited scope of the football (soccer) games you often play, Soccer Superstars 2012 could be the title to brighten up your gaming days. With the power to assemble, train, play, and manage your own team, Soccer Superstars 2012 is the complete football package to remedy the football blues.

You Had My Curiosity..

Your responsibilities in the game range from the actual playing of football (obviously), to being showered in seemingly endless management elements where you create players, train teams and level up through experience points. It's extensive to the point of being potentially overwhelming, but intriguing to the point of luring me in for more.

Managerial Success

Firstly, the game allows you some impressive control of the management side of the sport. Starting from the creation of your team and players and moving on to signing/drafting players and even the creation of your ‘super player' (whose skills and attributes you are able t increase  on an individual basis  through match play and training), there aren't many aspects of your team's professional life that you don't have at least one hand in. The level of detail is staggering, with provisions even for purchasing supplements for the players, performance clothing (biker helmets being just one of the many outrageous items), and various physical upgrades to the pitch surrounds such as ad-boards, stands, ticket boxes, and pitch surfaces that have varying potential for injuring your players upon tackling. Customisation is pretty much the central theme, running through from your team itself to the players and their individual functional and aesthetic characteristics.

Pitch Perfect (Almost)

The match play is almost as detailed as the management aspect, with two modes of play available for your convenience. Total mode is your standard, full-control match play whereas chance mode simulates most of the action and only puts you in control of your super player when a scoring opportunity arises (I found this option cuts out much of the fun of the actual gameplay). Controlled with virtual joystick and on-screen buttons, the gameplay itself is fairly solid, if a little overly-complex in its multitude of different attacking/defensive moves. The screen feels a little crowded with the number of on-screen buttons, and the action is followed too closely by the camera resulting in a limited view of the pitch. Through balls, feinting manoeuvres and general evasive/defensive play is possible, though, so a crowded screen can almost be forgiven for this range of moves.

What a Finish!

Gamevil‘s Soccer Superstars 2012 manages to distinguish itself from the crowd with its deviation from realism in the most entertaining of ways (super players, super skill, and player items like helmets/biker jackets whose function is to increase player stats) producing a great soccer style game. While the game's seemingly infinite range of management functions can be overwhelming and make it seem like a bottomless abyss of overbearing choice, this complexity also has the potential to result in hours of entertainment for the willing player. The graphics are pretty impressive, too.