Sports Heads Football Championship Review

sports heads championship

The Sports Heads series of games is a hugely popular collection of flash-based titles that take traditional sports such as tennis, ice hockey, volleyball, and basketball and condense them down to only their essential constituent elements.

In the case of basketball for example, this means simply the shooting and scoring with only two players on the court, with other elements such as travelling and dribbling being dropped in favour of unadulterated shoot-and-score fun. In Sports Heads Football Championship, it is the football (soccer) that gets the distinctive Sports Heads treatment in which the sport is reduced to only its most entertaining feature: scoring goals. The result is a swiftly-paced fight for possession of the ball in order to score the most goals against your opponent, with some sneaky power ups to expand on the game’s fun as well.

In each round, you are literally placed head to head against your opponent with the sole purpose of scoring more goals than him in a limited number of time or up to a predetermined goal limit. You play the game by controlling your player with the directional arrows.

The left and right arrows move him in the corresponding directions, and the up arrow allows your player to jump. You also have a foot that is somehow attached to your large head; pressing the spacebar allows you to flap this foot around in order to kick the ball a great distance. You play on a miniature football pitch with a goal at each end, situated inside an arena with a ceiling that can also be used to bounce the balls off.

During the matches you can also collect certain upgrades by kicking the ball at them. The green upgrades usually have effects on your opponent that are beneficial to you such as making him unable to move, shrinking him to a miniature size, or slowing him down considerably.

Red icons result in effects that are detrimental to your game such as increasing the size of your goal or having you frozen in place so that you are unable to stop oncoming shots. You may also upgrade your stats between the matches using your prize money from the tournaments, allowing you to improve your jumps, kicks, and your backtracking speed in order to save the ball if it makes its way past you.

Aside from the upgrades between each match, the main difference from the original is the structure of your progression through the game. Instead of playing matches against 10 players escalating difficulty, you now get to choose your team and play a full or half season all the way through, scoring points and moving up and down the table according to your performance.

The graphics remain pretty much the same as soccer heads europe, as do the power-ups, but the ability to immerse yourself into a full season of matches makes the game more akin to the format of real-life league football.